Hibernation services

Wintering should observe four basic rules: Humidity, cleanliness post use, original parts and premium quality paint.


Its work is quiet, almost imperceptible, but during winter, and on an island like ours, that threat is very real. It is necessary and indispensable to pay it the upmost attention, since it affects all parts of the boat.

The hull must be treated professionally and with the “savour faire” of technicians who know exactly what they have at hand. A good appliance of paint, with prior sanding, is essential to avoid future problems. As for the upholstery, needless to say, humidity is the cause of the stains that are very difficult to eradicate once they have appeared. Zippers, fabrics, tarpaulins, awnings, etc. should be kept dry during winter. They will get plenty wet during the summer with salty water. All this must be eradicated as soon as the boat is made ready for winter.

Electronics and the boat’s electrical system

Electricity and of course the electronics don’t make good friends with moisture. There is only one solution, the correct application of anti-moisture products and to store the boats with equipment that eliminates moisture. A boat cannot be wintered by just putting the cover and hope that next year, when we uncover it, everything works.

Original parts

Replacement parts must always original to ensure that they fulfill the function for which they were manufactured. Those original parts can save our ship from more serious damage than you might think.

Anti-fouling paint

Leading brands and importantly, its implementation, the necessary layers, with the right elements, scrupulously respecting the drying times, the amount per square meter and the time of application. And back to moisture, anti-fouling paint can not be applied with high percentages of moisture, or we expose ourselves to incorrect application with unintended consequences. Osmosis, in most cases is caused by misapplication.

Our boats, leave water clean at the end of the summer, that's what really matters. Excess of hull fouling, reduces boat speed, increases fuel consumption and forces the engine.
Boats provide a large amount of satisfaction, they just ask for basic care, and with that, their conservation is perfect. Trust the professionals.