Each client must know the advantages and disadvantages of buying a boat. Not all boats are equal, and not every boat fits a persons profile. Issues as basic as what he wants, how many crew will it have, sailboat or motorboat, gasoline or diesel, rigid or semi-rigid, fishing or leisure, or both at the same time, speed or tranquility, cabin or open, new or used, purchase or rent, etc.

That's what we are for, the commercial department will guide and accompany you on your path to acquire a boat.

From our learning the skipper courses in our nautical school, with its corresponding sea practices, or even an experienced skipper to help you gain the confidence in your new boat, all the way to processing the necessary documentation (and keep it up to date) and getting the optimal insurance with the best price so that you enjoy your boat always covered for any incident or situation. Always by companies of first level, but especially that they respond quickly and smoothly.


Sometimes, the hardest things become much easier with us. From getting you a permanent or rented mooring, to a buoy, or a protected anchorage. Anything necessary so that your budget is not suffer on this matter.

We take care of all of this, you just enjoy one of the best and most effective ways of eradicating stress from your life, with moment, which we are sure will be unforgettable.
We welcome you.